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It seems that every forest is only tall trees and a lot of plants, but are you sure? Each forest has its own soul, each has its own secret and its heart beats in a certain rhythm.
Unfortunately, the heart of our forest, in which all its magical power lies, was stolen and the forest began to die …

Your task is to find the heart of the forest and put it in a right place. There is only an hour left until the sunset, after which the magical power will go out completely. Without your help, the forest will die …

We have created a magical and mysterious world of fairy tales for you. It is just taken from the works of the Brothers Grimm. But don’t worry, the room will provide fun even to the most demanding players. Have you ever seen a forest in the middle of the city? No? There is one in Warsaw – you must visit our magical Polana!

There are two scenarios: for kids and for adults.
English version available.

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* Pola wymagane.