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It is 2410. On the thousandth anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, the government organised a great scientific mission to explore the farthest corners of the neighboring galaxy. Depending on the success of this expedition, our country can become the leader of space missions and will confirm its contribution to the conquest of other galaxies. Everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately, it turned out that the captain can not participate in this expedition. Suddenly, for unknown reasons, the energy necessary for further travel falls to a critical level. From now everything is in your hands …

You play as members of the expedition. You have to find an alternative source of energy to continue the mission. Your crew, consisting of specialists in various fields, faces a very difficult task …

Podróż is by far the most technologically advanced room. You won’t find any padlocks here and behind each riddle, there are many innovative solutions, unconventional ideas and a lot of electronics. The room was created for fans of such hits as “Star Trek” or “Avatar”, but the storyline itself, as well as individual riddles, will surely appeal to all players.

There are two scenarios: for kids and for adults.
English version available.

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