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You spend a quiet lazy afternoon with friends. There is no indication that anything special is about to happen that day. Suddenly, your attention is caught by a strange noise coming from the attic. You decide to check it out. Turns out it’s an old game console that’s making the sound. The problem is… it is not connected to electricity…

Together with your friends, you find yourself being pulled into the console. What you used to see only on the screen suddenly becomes your reality. You can see it, touch it and feel it all for yourself.

The Pegasus room can be described in one sentence from the Jumanji movie: “when the game becomes reality…”

Did you enjoy playing Mario or Pacman? Now you have the opportunity to see what it’s like to be them. You can’t miss this chance! 🙂

The room has two scenarios: for children and for adults.

Room available in English.

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