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Thousands of years b. c. There is a war threatening the humanity. Supernatural hostilities are getting closer to victory, but … not all is lost. You are the brave ones, the best of the best, chosen from all the people. Your task is to find a magical artifact. Only with its help, the world will avoid extermination.

You are at the gate of an old Slavic temple. In your hands lies the fate of all living beings. The full moon begins, the only time when you can get this magical crystal … You will become HEROES!

Pełnia is one of the most atmospheric rooms in Warsaw. The location in the basement of the house combined with the amazing decor and specially selected lighting makes the players literally move into the interior of the ancient temple. The appropriate colours and music additionally intensify emotions and impressions during the game.

If you are fascinated by knights, fairy tales and legends, as well as the movies or TV series such as „Braveheart” and „Game of Thrones”, this room is definitely for you!

There are two scenarios: for kids and for adults.
English version available.

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