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For many years a crazy and eccentric professor has worked on creating a time machine. After many unsuccessful attempts, he finally succeeded. Without informing anyone, he decided to try its functions. Unfortunately, something went wrong. The professor got stuck somewhere in spacetime …

You enter the professor’s garage. He left some clues inside. Follow them and you will fix the time machine and bring the professor back home. You are his only hope!

The room Powrót is located in a real garage. It perfectly reflects the real atmosphere of the mad scientist’s workshop. This is one of the first rooms in Poland where you will not find any padlocks. In return you will get a lot of unconventional solutions, electronics and various riddles. We were inspired by the work of Robert Zemeckis, the author of the cult series “Back to the Future”, and this can only mean one thing – crazy fun! 🙂

There are two scenarios: for kids and for adults.
English version available.
Air-conditioned room.

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