General rules

  1. All players in our Dom Zagadek are obliged to have fun 🙂
  2. Those who make a reservation have to read the general rules and follow them.
  3. Please come 15 minutes before the game.
  4. Our employees can refuse to let groups in, if the group comes late more than 15 minutes.
  5. In Dom Zagadek you can’t smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.
  6. The players who are drunk or under the influence of drugs, can’t play in our rooms.
  7. Dom Zagadek reserved the right to refuse to let players if they do not follow rule number 6.
  8. The players can’t use cell phones, cameras, video recorders, calculators, flashlights or other electronic devices during the game. In the exceptional circumstances players can use cell phones.
  9. All belongings mentioned in rule number 8 should be left in the drawers or lockers, which are locked with keys. The players take them back after the game.
  10. Dom Zagadek is not responsible for a theft or destruction of things which are left in the drawers or lockers.
  11. Our employees can interrupt the game if the players’ behaviour does not follow or rules (the employee’s subjective opinion)
  12. All our rooms are monitored (the image or sound are not shared anywhere)
  13. In case of any danger, our employees are able to open the door or our escape rooms at any time during the game.
  14. The players are responsible for any serious damages made during the game.
  15. The players who suffer from asthma, claustrophobia, heart diseases and pregnant women should contact our staff before the game.