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We use the information stored by cookies to ensure maximum comfort in using our service. The research and advertising companies which support us can also use them. If you do not agree, you can change the cookies settings in your browser.

Cookies policy

This policy applies Cookies, which are used on website (after: the website or online service).


Cookies are small text information in the form of text files sent by a server and stored on the user’s hard drive, laptop or on the memory card smartphone – depending on what device you’re using while visiting our website.


Cookies are primarily useful and safe tool that helps you to browse websites according to your preferences and to use its functionality. Cookies used by our online service are safe and do not cause changes to the configuration of your computer, laptop or smartphone, or software installed in your device.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

-storing user preferences in order to facilitate the website navigation
-keeping anonymous statistics showing us how the website is used and what are the user’s needs, except from the user’s personal identification.


By visiting our website, you may encounter the following types of cookies:

Permanent and temporary – depending on the time they are stored on the hard drive of your PC, laptop, or smartphone’s memory card you are using while visiting our website. Temporary Cookies files are the files which are stored for a relatively short period of time – are deleted when you log off our website, leave our website or close the web browser you are using. Therefore, temporary files are also called session files. Permanent files are Cookies, which are usually kept for a longer period than the temporary files – the period of their storing lasts for the time specified in the parameters of the file cookies or until you remove them.

Own and external – depending on whether the file comes directly from the website or from other online service (eg. in the case of access to the site of one of the ad networks or conducting anonymous statistics using Google Analytics) . In the latter case, we recommend you also read the Cookies policy and privacy policy of other online service.

Information about the types of Cookies (permanent, temporary, own or external) as well as the length of the storage can also be accessed using the appropriate option in your browser – for this purpose use the help desk in your browser.


By default, most web browsers available on the market accepts cookies being saved. You have the ability to determine the conditions of the use of cookies in your own browser’s settings. This means that you can partially reduce or completely disable the ability to store cookies on your computer – in the latter case, however, it may affect your website’s functions.

Settings of your browser regarding cookies are relevant to consent to the use of cookies by our internet service – in accordance with such consent may also be expressed through your browser’s settings.

For details on changing the settings for cookies and their own removal in the most popular browsers are available in the help section of the browser and on the following pages: