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Dom Zagadek is a place which takes virtual escape room games into reality. You are locked for 60 minutes in one of our room and you need to solve a lot of logical and manual riddles and puzzles to get out. We guarantee it is not easy, but is can be done. Do you accept the challenge?
Everyone can play, regardless the age. The game only requires cleverness and the ability of logical thinking. Children under 12 enter the room with an adult or with an animator from our staff.
The game is for 60 minutes. The price depends on the day and the time. From Monday to Friday until 3 p.m. - 120PLN, after 3 p.m. – 160 PLN. Weekends – 160 PLN, regardless the time.
You can make a reservation via our website, you can phone us - 884 884 839 or come to us in person to Dom Zagadek, 28 Przyrynek Street.
Please come 15 minutes before the game. There is a short introduction when we explain the general rules of the game.
Each room is suitable for groups up to 6 players, but we can let 8 players in if you wish.
Whatever clothes you wear daily, they will be good for our games in Dom Zagadek. We keep our rooms clean, you won’t get dirty there.
We accept the payment in cash in our place in 28 Przyrynek Street.
We hope it won’t happen, but in case of any troubles we will give you hints. They can help you to get out, but they don’t ruin the game.
You can cancel the reservation by phoning us, at least 24 hours before your game.
Of course! Vouchers are great idea for a present. To buy one, please contact us by e-mail or phone us. You can also buy voucher in our place in Dom Zagadek.
Unfortunately, it is not possible. Some elements of a game require at least 2 people’s cooperation.
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