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Escape Room is a new form of entertainment which allows to experience the emotions from movies and computer games in a real world. At present times full of computers and tablets, it is a great idea for spending 60minutes in one room, together with other players and solve a variety of riddles. Such games have a perfect influence on intellectual development of younger players. Facing different puzzles improves imagination, creativity and observing skills. Children learn how to cooperate, think logically and connect facts.

Our escape room has special storylines which match the level of difficulty and the age of players. Being children-friendly, Dom Zagadek was awarded by Grand Prix Warszawskiej Rodzinki as a great place for families and children.

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Unlike other escape rooms, our place is children-friendly. Both older and younger players can have fun inside. There aren’t any dark rooms or scary stories. We focused on having fun, positive emotions and interesting riddles that requires logical thinking and skills. When it comes to location, we wanted to make it friendly as well, so Dom Zagadek is in a new, nice house, close to Multimedialny Park Fontann. Such location and well-prepared riddles are the guarantee of great fun.
Our riddles satisfy both older and younger players. Therefore, besides children, we invite also their parents. Children age 12 and more can play on their own, while younger players enter the room with an animator or an adult. The animator is a person from our staff, who leads the game for children. We don’t charge for an animator.
The storylines of our rooms match the age of the players, so both children and adults can play and solve the riddles. However, if any help is necessary, we have a monitoring system and we can give hints and clues. They are displayed on the screen and they can help is solving puzzles.
We have 3 rooms for playing and additional, special room where you can organize a birthday party. The special room is up to 25 people. Children can stay in this room after the game, the cost of renting such a room is 100PLN for an hour. The price includes the decorations, cutlery, plates, cups, water. You can bring some snacks, drinks and a cake. We have also a photobooth inside. The first photos are for free, but if you want to take photos for an hour it is 50PLN. If you are interested, contact us to make sure that the room with a photobooth is available.
The game in Dom Zagadek is a unique idea for a present. From our own experience we know that it is a great surprise. You can buy a voucher and give it as a present. More information about vouchers can be found here: