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Our rooms are perfect for not only for children and teenagers. The scenarios of the rooms are made to challenge for adults as well.. It’s a great way to try something new, to integrate with your workmates, to make someone a birthday surprise or to have fun with friends. If you think that nothing can surprise you,check our rooms! From

2015 we provide people with the best entertainment on a high level. Perfectly prepared storylines and the newest technologyare the guarantee of an amazing adventure. We organized many events for various companies and the integration parties.

Thousands of people and hudreds of companies have trusted us.


Going out with friends

Our rooms are perfect for spending time after work or spending weekends with friends. For individual guests, including students, we have prepared attractive loyalty programs and special offers.

Hen and Bachelor parties

Hen and Bachelor parties in Dom Zagadek? Of course! Playing in the escape room is a unique way to start a special evening. We guarantee a lot of positive emotions and fun.

To make that day even more special, we can offer a personalised scenario, (of course, after consulting it with the person responsible for organization) which refers to the lives of the bride and groom. We can also put some gifts in our romms which will be discovered along with solving the riddles.


Cooperation and integrationare the key words in Dom Zagadek. Many companies used our offer – in both our locations and our mobile escape rooms.We encourage to check our offer for companies.

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