what is an escape room?

Escape Room (eng. real life escape room game)

It is a game in which the players transfer for 60 minutes into different-theme rooms and they need to get out. To escape they need to solve all the riddles which require observation skills, logical thinking and creativity. It depends on you if you manage to solve everything before the time is up.

for this to happen, useful is:

observation skills

how does it start?

Since the ideas from computer games, movies and TV programmes entered our real life and contributed to creating escape room – we became their great fans right away.

Escape room is a game that requires cooperation and analytical thinking, the skills of connecting facts, observation and cleverness… This form of entertainment brings us a lot of fun and emotions. We visited many escape rooms in Warsaw, but majority of them did not fascinate us… We came to a conclusion that we want to bring new quality to Warsaw’s escape rooms’ world. And then Dom Zagadek was created.

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