Dom Zagadek Zwrotnicza - 6 pokoi - do 42 osób na jedną turę

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Thousands of years b. c. There is a war threatening the humanity. Supernatural hostilities are getting closer to victory, but ... not all is lost. You are the brave ones, the best of the best, chosen from all the people. Your task is to find a magical artifact. Only with its help, the world will avoid extermination.

You are at the gate of an old Slavic temple. In your hands lies the fate of all living beings. The full moon begins, the only time when you can get this magical crystal ... You will become HEROES!

There are two scenarios: for kids and for adults.
English version available.
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Recent studies of archeology experts clearly show that not all the ancient Egyptian pyramids known to the world have been thoroughly researched. Moreover, one of them emanates unknown energy. Scientists agree - there is an unknown phenomena inside.

You are the brave ones who decided to go inside the Pyramid to see if it's really special. Just after entering, a big stone moved, blocking the way out ....

There are two scenarios: for kids and for adults.
English version available.
Air-conditioned room.
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For many years a crazy and eccentric professor has worked on creating a time machine. After many unsuccessful attempts, he finally succeeded. Without informing anyone, he decided to try its functions. Unfortunately, something went wrong. The professor got stuck somewhere in spacetime ...

You enter the professor's garage. He left some clues inside. Follow them and you will fix the time machine and bring the professor back home. You are his only hope!

There are two scenarios: for kids and for adults.
English version available.
Air-conditioned room.

who is it for?

Dom Zagadek is an escape room for everyone. The storylines of our rooms differ depending on the level of difficulty and they are adapted to the players’ age (even the youngest ones). Students and school trips can spend some time in a creative and entertaining way. The Escape Rooms is a perfect form of integration for co-workers or a great idea for hen and bachelor party. What’s more, Dom Zagadek was a place for many engagements 🙂

Escape is a great idea for entertainment and integration for adults. We organize outer integration, corporate events, birthdays, stag and hen parties

for adults

Dom Zagadek has special scenarios for riddle games for children which was awarded with the statuette “Warszawska Rodzinka Roku”. Dom Zagadek is a great idea for children's birthdays – check our offer.

for children

3 rooms of riddles are great idea for integration in Dom Zagadek We also organize away Escape Rooms from 30 to several thousand people and we know that for us: Impossible does not exist - we will organize great puzzles for every event!

for companies

Many schools has visited us already including dozens of groups and hundreds of satisfied children. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our special offer for schools.

for schools

We have been visited by many trips from Poland. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our special offer for travel agencies.

for travel agencies

Special offer for students, "Student Wednesdays" - 25% discount on every Wednesdays if at least half of the group has a student ID.

dla studentów

what is an escape room?

It’s a game where the players are locked for 60minutes in our special prepared rooms. In order to get out they need to solve all the riddles and puzzles inside. It up to the players if they manage to solve everything.
The players have to think analytically, connect facts, be creative, observe carefully the room and have manual skills.

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opinions about our Escape :)

Dom Zagadek did not disappoint us at first, and the second convinced us that in this place you can not have a bad time. Given the rewards that have been allocated, the commitment, passion and the desire to constantly improve the competition by the owners, we can say one thing - this place deserves recognition
Room Busters
You are great! We believe that your commitment will provide you a high position in the world of Escape Rooms.
Brygada Er
Thanks to Dom Zagadek for the opportunity to experience an incredible adventure and test our skills at solving riddles. Our children had attractive and interesting way to spend time, gaining new knowledge and experience.
POW Director in Franciszkowo
This Escape actually stands out from other Warsaw Escape Rooms! We went with a group of friends and even few hours after leaving we were in such emotions that we talked about it ... Previous experience with Escape Rooms were as OK but this one was definitely the best we’ve been to so far. I hope for more such established places here and we look forward to visit the next room, I wonder what they come up with this time :)
Przemek Milowski